Colours are emotions. They positively influence and condition the mood, creating an ideal space in which to immerse ourselves and absorb positive energy; they transmit sensations that immediately give a sense of well-being and energy. From the soft, calm and bright sunlight, to the intense black power to the introspective purple energy, each colour carries with it a message, a desire and a state of mind to be experienced and expressed through superlast eye pencils. Share your emotions with Coloreyes.

Multimedia Gallery

Classy Lipstick 610 Garnet Rose
Classy Lipstick 611 Tango Red
Classy Lipstick 612 Flame Scarlet
Classy Lipstick 613 American Beauty
Classy Lipstick 614 Brick Red
Classy Lipstick 615 Red Bud
Eye Pencil Superlast 830 Sunlight Calm
Eye Pencil Superlast 831 Clear Sky
Eye Pencil Superlast 832 Blue Night
Eye Pencil Superlast 833 Purple Energy
Eye Pencil Superlast 834 Black Power
Eye Pencil Superlast 835 Golden Copper
Eye Pencil Superlast 836 Pearl Foliage