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Set out on a journey through dreams and imagination with the Dreamy collection
Enhance your eyes and add sparkle with the sharp lines of Color Pop eyeliners, for a unique and charming style. Light blue, yellow and pink: with these bright, classy colours you can create modern, glamorous and joyful looks that uplift you.
You can be anything you want: eccentric, elegant, romantic or a dreamer. Have fun with colours to depict and live out your timeless dreams.
With the new Pleasure Lipsticks, your lips will be luminous, moisturised, protected and delicately tinted: your makeup will look fresh and light, for a truly vibrant and romantic look.
Make wishes, add some colour to your looks and make your dreams come true!

Multimedia Gallery

Celestial Eye Shadow 246 Champagne
Celestial Eye Shadow 247 Light of Dawn
Eye Liner Color Pop 02 Blazing Pink
Eye Liner Color Pop 03 Blu Radiance
Eye Liner Color Pop 04 Blazing Yellow
Luxury Compact Powder 892 Raw Sienna Light
Luxury Compact Powder 894 Raw Sienna Dark
Pleasure Lipstick 660 Salmon
Pleasure Lipstick 661 Canyon Clay
Pleasure Lipstick 662 Shell Pink
Pleasure Lipstick 663 Camelia Rose
Pleasure Lipstick 664 Rose Wine
Pleasure Lipstick 665 Ginger Rose