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Evagarden goes beyond the boundaries of beauty and crosses the space to discover galactic destinations, where make-up has the colours of the Aurora borealis and the brightness of star dust, for an elegant glamour and beyond the schemes.

Eyes highlighted with Celestial eye shadows applied to the entire eyelid for a cosmic effect in Light Star, Supernova and Big Bang colours, combined with luminous superlast eye pencils in the colours Burgundy Star, Starlight, Galaxy Storm, Aurora Borealis, Guiding Star, Cosmic Black and Blue sky, to be used with full and decisive strokes or to shade, merging colours between them for galactic effects. The combination of shimmering glitter and vibrant nuances with unique reflections, creates an extraordinary, incredibly glam lighting effect, for a make-up look studded with pure light details with a "Glow from the space" effect!
Complete the look Galaxy Glam with natural lips covered with BB Lipstick in nude tones for a galactic beauty, without borders!

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