Nude light


For a perfect nude look: brighten the complexion, intensify the look, enhance the lips.
Timeless and ageless, suitable in every situation and for every face, nude makeup is a timeless must-have that never goes out of style and highlights your natural beauty.
The secret to make it is to create an impalpable base that naturally reveals brightness, freshness and refinement.
With Evagarden make-up Nude Light foundation the skin is perfect and smooth, flawless for an amazing "blur effect"!
The eyebrows are impeccably drawn for a long-lasting result with Fill & Design eyebrow pencil.
Lips illuminated by
Crystal Plump transparent gloss, for an extraordinary plump effect.
Beauty tip to complete the nude look? A highlighter in the face light areas.

Multimedia Gallery

Crystal Plump Gloss 820 Transparent
Eyebrow Pencil 91 Fill & Design - Light
Eyebrow Pencil 92 Fill & Design - Medium
Eyebrow Pencil 93 Fill & Design - Dark
Nude Light Foundation 280 Tender Peach
Nude Light Foundation 281 Ivory
Nude Light Foundation 282 Beige
Nude Light Foundation 283 Pink Beige
Nude Light Foundation 284 Honey
Nude Light Foundation 285 Pink Honey