Evagarden make up correttore light up 340

Light up Concealer

EVAGARDEN make-up Light Up Concealer, minimizes eye bags, small imperfections and redness.
Rich in exclusive active ingredients, combined with sensorial powders spreads light through a soft-focus effect that lights up instantly; the anti-aging effect is immediate.
Thanks to the new "Brightening Active" technology, the Light Up Concealer helps to immediately lighten and reduce bags and dark circles.
Impeccable appearance for your daily beauty!

- VITA ILUX - CAPSICUM ANNUUM LEAF EXTRACT: with its draining, stimulating action on skin micro-circulation, reduces the dark part of bags under the eyes. The eye area will appear fresh and luminous. It stimulates collagen renewal for an anti-aging effect

Thanks to a practical, innovative applicator, it is easy and effective to use. Then continue with Evagarden brush no.8 to optimise blending. We recommend using it before foundation to hide any blemishes.