Rossetti gloss 1

Cuvette Lipstick/Gloss 1

Sensorial Lipstick 449 Quarz

Sensorial Lipstick 451 Mystic

Sensorial Lipstick 441 Taffetà

Sensorial Lipstick 442 Delice

Sensorial Lipstick 443 Character

Sensorial Lipstick 446 Icon

Sensorial Lipstick 448 Miss

Care Colour Lipstick 590 Rose Red

Care Colour Lipstick 591 Mauvewood

Care Colour Lipstick 592 Cherry Red

Care Colour Lipstick 593 Raspberry

Care Colour Lipstick 594 Coral Haze

The Matte Lipstick 636 Classic Nude

The Matte Lipstick 637 Posh Nude

The Matte Lipstick 638 Juicy Red

The Matte Lipstick 639 Retro Red

The Matte Lipstick 640 Modern Purple

Brilliant Gloss 703 Sunny

Lip Fluid Lipstick 32 Rose Cloud

Diamond Lip Gloss 850 Pure

Diamond Lip Gloss 851 Innocente

Diamond Lip Gloss 852 Guilty

Diamond Lip Gloss 853 Cheeky

Diamond Lip Gloss 854 Shy

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