Igenizzante make up


EVAGARDEN Make up Purifying Spray. Specially designed to be used over make-up and brushes before use. Contains 80% of ethyl alcohol of vegetable origin known for its sanitizing properties. Quickly dry. How to use: dispense directly on the desired surface and let the liquid evaporate before using the product.

Highly biodegradable formula designed with the utmost respect for the environment.

99% naturally derived ingredients.

Made in Italy

50ml - 1,7fl oz

Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, SLS Free, SLES Free, Mineral Oil Free, Artificial Dyes Free, Packaging 100% Recycle Material.

Ethyl Alcohol: Exclusively of vegetable origin, derived from the fermentation of cereals, known for its sanitizing properties.

Avoid contact with eyes, it can cause serious eye irritation. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water, remove any contact lenses. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use as a perfume per person. It is easily flammable. It must be kept away from open flames and very hot surfaces. Do not use for purposes other than the intended use.

EVAGARDEN commits to constantly update the lists of ingredients posted on the online shop. However, the ingredients may be subject to variations. EVAGARDEN is not able to guarantee that these lists will be kept up-to-date at all times and in all parts. Please always refer to the product packaging for the precise list of ingredients.