Skin Care con ActiveGold Complex

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Gentle Face & Body Scrub 200 ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Butter Body Scrub 250 ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Nourish Body Cream 250 ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Serum Lip Contour

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Nourish Body Mousse 150 ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Nourish Dry Body Emulsion 200 ml

Regenerating, nourishing, making the skin more elastic and youthful, preventing imperfections and reducing existing ones, are the benefits of the products created with EVAGARDEN ACTIVEGOLD COMPLEX, an elixir born from the fusion of 4 precious elements:


Colloidal Gold, Collagen Peptide, Elastin Peptide and Hemp Oil


Its function is to stimulate the formation and maintenance of collagen and elastin, the two fundamental proteins for skin elasticity and firmness, which begin to decline from the age of 20.

EVAGARDEN ACTIVEGOLD COMPLEX works like this: the Collagen Peptide has been joined to the Colloidal Gold core. Gold transports and conveys collagen so that it is assimilated by the skin faster and deeper. For an even more intense effectiveness, the addition of Elastin Peptide and Hemp Oil, with proven antioxidant power, create a unique and exclusive elixir to regenerate, nourish, make the skin more elastic and youthful, preventing imperfections and reducing existing ones.

-55% wrinkles in 4 weeks*

Precious ingredients and advanced research for AN EXCELLENT SKINCARE EXPERIENCE.

Paraben free, Dermatologically tested, Cruelty free, Vegan friendly, SLS free, SLES free, Mineral oil free, Artificial dyes free, D5 free, Talc free.


*Efficacy study of a cream containing between 0.15% and 0.30% of Colloidal Gold (Colloidal Gold) combined with Collagen Peptide (Acetyl heptapeptide-9): application on 15 volunteers aged between 35 and 60 years, through analysis with a stereoscopic microscope and confocal profilometry, a 55% reduction in wrinkles is shown in 4 weeks.