ActiveGold Body Treatment

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Booster Body Oil 30ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive CellFocus Body Cream 200ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive CellFocus Body Gel 200ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive Elastic Body Cream 200ml

ACTIVEGOLD Intensive SlimTonic Body Cream 200ml

Regenerating, nourishing, making the skin more elastic and youthful, preventing imperfections and reducing existing ones, are the benefits of the products created with EVAGARDEN ACTIVEGOLD COMPLEX, an elixir born from the fusion of 4 precious elements:
Colloidal Gold - Collagen Peptide - Elastin Peptide - Hemp Oil.
To counteract the imperfections of cellulite, stubborn adiposity, lack of firmness and the signs of stretch marks, EVAGARDEN presents the future of 5-star cosmetics: intensive treatments with innovative formulas that integrate, together with EVAGARDEN ACTIVEGOLD COMPLEX, unique latest generation active ingredients that act on the mechanisms involved in the accumulation of fats, in water retention, in the elasticity and compactness of the tissues. Day after day, the silhouette is slimmer, the skin more elastic and toned. Precious ingredients and advanced research for an EXCELLENT SKINCARE EXPERIENCE.