Creme, lozioni e maschere per il viso

HYDRAONE Gel Cream 50ml
HYDRAONE Gel Cream x 28 Monodose
HYDRAONE Lotion 100ml
HYDRAONE Lotion x 28 Monodose
HYDRAONE Mask x 8 Monodose
HYDRAONE Serum 30ml
HYDRAONE Serum x 28 Monodose

Never-ending source of hydration for the skin.

Lotion, Serum,Gel Cream and Mask

HydraOne is conceived to go beyond intense hydration delivery by improving the skin’s self-moisturizing ability. THE SECRET: TRIPLE ACTION HYDRAONE COMPLEX

Designed to create, circulate and retain water in the skin. the TRIPLE ACTION HYDRAONE COMPLEX is a blend of Encapsulated Pure Swiss Glacial Water, expertly combined with Opuntia Ficus Indica stem cells, Wild Pansy Extract, and Biosaccharide Gum, the latter with the function of creating a protective barrier on the skin.

The skin is refreshed, soothed and regenerated by an extraordinary long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Moisturizing ideal routine for all skin types:
Morning: on cleansed skin applies HydraOne Lotion, allow to dry and follow with the application of HydraOne Serum.
Evening: to cleansed skin before bedtime apply HydraOne Cream.
Twice a week in the evening, before HydraOne Cream, apply HydraOne Mask

The products can be interchanged to suit your needs and preferences.

HydraOne Lotion refreshes and regulates the skin moisture balance. Enriched with TRIPLE ACTION HYDRAONE COMPLEX, it helps to maintain moisturization throughout the day. HydraOne Lotion is the ideal booster that prepares the skin to maximize the efficacy of the following skin care HydraOne treatments.

HydraOne Serum feeds the skin with water and nutrition and optimizes the moisture flow. Enriched with the TRIPLE ACTION HYDRAONE COMPLEX, it renders the skin softer, suppler and bouncy with the creation of water in the deeper layers of the skin itself, for a refreshed and re-plumped look.

Smoother and richer than a normal gel, and more refreshing than an ordinary cream, HydraOne Gel Cream brings the most ideally-balanced moisturizing finish to the skin. Reinforced with the TRIPLE ACTION HYDRAONE COMPLEX, it deeply and long-lastingly nourishes the skin, leaving a soft and non-sticky finish.