BAD GLAM style

BAD GLAM style

Bad Glam Evagarden: a bold, rebellious and irresistibly seductive make-up look, which embodies the perfect fusion between refined elegance and magnetic energy.

Inspired by the noir sphere of the trend, bad girl makeup mixes ingredients such as seduction, non-conformity and provocation, manifesting them through elements such as intense eyeliner, dark eye shadows and 90s-style pencil-lined lips.

Here are some steps to achieve a glamorous "baddie" makeup:

1. **Skin preparation**:
- Start with a good facial cleansing and hydration to ensure your skin is smooth and well-prepped.

- Apply a face base to even out your skin tone and cover any imperfections. ( Flare Primere , Matte primer , Light Defense Primer Evagarden)

2. **Foundation and concealer**:
- Apply a foundation that matches your natural skin color or at most one tone darker for a more dramatic effect, making sure to blend it well into the skin.
- Use a concealer to cover any dark circles, blemishes or discolouration on your skin. ( Perfector , L ight Up )

3. **Contour and highlight**:
- Use a contour product to define your cheeks, nose and jawline, creating shadows to accentuate the shape of your face.
- Apply a highlighter to areas where light naturally hits the face, such as the cheekbones, arch of the eyebrows and the center of the nose, to add brightness and definition. ( Touch of light , Eternal Glow))

4. **Eyebrows**:
- Comb and fill your eyebrows to define and accentuate them. You can use a pencil, gel or eyebrow powder to achieve the desired effect. (Choose from all Evagarden eyebrow products )

5. **Eyeshadow**:
- Choose a warm, bold color palette, such as brown, bronze, gold or pink, and create an intense look on the eyes. You can apply a darker color on the crease of the eye to define and blend a lighter color on the entire lid.

6. **Eyeliner and mascara**:
- Apply black EasyMarker Eye Liner along the upper lash line to define the look and add mascara to lengthen and curl the lashes, adding a touch of drama.

7. **Blush**:

- Apply a warm blush to your cheeks to add color and definition to your face. ( Blush Luxury , Blush Fusion )

8. **Lipstick**:
- Complete the look with Enjoy Lipstick in a nude shade, depending on your preferences and the look you want to achieve.

9. **Fixing**:
- Finally, spray a little BeautyFix onto your face to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day or evening.

Be sure to tailor these steps to your personal preferences and skin type to achieve the glamorous "baddie" look you desire!