Bad Glam: a bold, rebellious and irresistibly seductive make-up look, which embodies the perfect fusion between refined elegance and magnetic energy.

The BADGLAM look (Evagarden's reinterpretation of the "baddie makeup") is characterized by several distinctive features:

  1. Bold Eye Makeup: Eye makeup is the focal point of this style. It is often characterized by deep shading, dark, rich eyeshadow, thick winged eyeliner, and long, thick lashes.

  2. Defined eyebrows: Eyebrows are often well defined and sculpted. They can be thin or thick, depending on personal preference, but they are always at the forefront of the overall look.

  3. Flawless skin: The base of makeup is usually flawless and smooth skin. This may require the use of high coverage foundations, concealers and highlighters to achieve an even, luminous complexion.

  4. Voluminous lips: Lips are often accentuated with the use of lipsticks or lip glosses that create a voluminous effect. Lip color can vary, but neutral or nude shades are common.

  5. Contouring: The contouring technique is used to define facial features, such as the cheeks, nose and jaw. This helps create a stronger structure.

  6. Well-groomed hair: Makeup is often complemented by well-groomed and styled hair, which may include waves, straightening or creative styling.

“Baddie makeup” can vary from person to person, and many women interpret it in different ways, creating unique looks that reflect their personality and style. This trend is characterized by a bold, confident and glamorous aesthetic, but can be customized in many different variations.