Tendenze di trucco estivo del 2023

Summer makeup trends of 2023

Here are some summer makeup trends of 2023 that might inspire you:

  1. Radiant Skin: The 2023 summer makeup trend highlights healthy, glowing skin. Use a light, hydrating foundation for a natural look. You can also opt for a luminous primer like Fare Primer EVAGARDEN or an illuminating cream to give your skin an extra touch of radiance.

  2. Vibrant Eye Colors: Explore bold and vibrant colors for your eyes. Eyeshadows in shades like turquoise, coral, purple and orange can add a fun summery touch to your look. Experiment with matte or metallic shadows to create a captivating eye look, not forgetting the stellar sparkle of the Glitter Show Eyeshadows .

  3. Glossy lips: Glossy lips will be a key trend for summer 2023. Opt for glosses or lipsticks with a glossy finish to give your lips a juicy and voluminous look. Choose shades like peach pink, coral or cherry red to best match the summer vibe.

  4. Glow on the cheeks: Use the highlighter to highlight the cheekbones and give a radiant effect to your face. For example Eternal Glow . You can apply it over the blush layer for an extra touch of light. Choose a tone that suits your complexion, like champagne, rose gold, or bronze, for a bright, summery look.

  5. Full Brows: Thick, defined brows are still in vogue. Use an eyebrow product to lightly fill them in and give them precise shape. Avoid making them too heavy or marked, trying to keep a natural look.

  6. Sunscreen: Remember to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Always apply a sunscreen with adequate SPF protection before putting on make-up such as LIGHT DEFENSE PRIMER SPF50. You can also choose make-up products that contain sunscreen for an extra barrier of defence.

Remember that makeup is a form of self-expression, so experiment and adapt these trends to suit your individual taste and style. Have fun creating your 2023 summer look!