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Set consisting of 13 professional EVAGARDEN brushes. New generation cosmetic brushes with an innovative high-performance synthetic yarn, specifically designed for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested*.
Optimal application for each make-up formulation thanks to the perfect combination of shape and characteristic of the yarn specifically designed for each brush.
Beauty, softness and precision in application come together for unprecedented results.

All-Italian innovative technology:
  • Shape memory: Technical properties and excellent performance: Resistance - Elasticity - Duration.Unique yarn that resists traction and makes it more resistant than natural hair. The intrinsic flexibility of the innovative yarn allows you to "memorize" your shape during and after its use, with an excellent ability to return to the original profile, ensuring an exceptional durability of the product.Velvety like no other. Each touch is a sensory experience.
  • Soft & Full: Sensational density, flexibility and softness. A new level of emotion.Thanks to a special technology, the number of hairs per unit area has been increased by up to 30% compared to the average density of comparable brushes. The ability to control the relationship between density and flexibility produces an incredible sensation of softness and, at the same time, gives the brush maximum density with an extremely pleasant touch on the skin.



*EVAGARDEN Lip Brush HD 2 has a unique and innovative shape and cut, made with innovative high-performance synthetic yarn. Ideal for applying lipsticks with more intense colors in a highly defined way.

EVAGARDEN Lip Brush 3 for a controlled and precise application of lipstick. In natural fibers of Kolinsky sable, flat and compact, in a perfect "cat's tongue" shape.

*EVAGARDEN Oblique Eye Liner Brush 5 in flat shape with angled tip. In innovative high performance synthetic yarn. Specifically for the use of the Eye Liner Gel, it allows both thin and thick application of it evenly on the eyelid.

*EVAGARDEN Cat's Tongue Brush 7 for applying eyeshadow powder. This brush has fibers in innovative high-performance synthetic yarn, compact and carefully shaped like a "cat's tongue", which retain the powders releasing them in application without dusting.

*EVAGARDEN Flat Brush 8 specific for the use of wet, cream and mousse products with the touch of an expert. This brush has fibers in innovative high performance synthetic yarn, with a flat tip, specific for being wet, which allows you to apply the product immediately.

*EVAGARDEN Oval Brush 16 for blending powder eye shadows. This brush has fibers in innovative high-performance synthetic yarn, dense and arranged in an oval shape.

*EVAGARDEN pen brush 18 to apply and blend a product with precision, in the crease of the eye or along the lash line. This brush is made with innovative high performance synthetic yarn, with a conical tip. It is ideal for blending the pencil on the eyes.

*EVAGARDEN drop brush 20 for an easy and controlled blending of the eye shadow. This brush has innovative soft and highly flexible high performance synthetic yarn fibers that taper to shape a medium sized rounded head.

*EVAGARDEN Foundation Brush 23 for applying compact foundations. This brush has fibers in innovative high-performance synthetic yarn, soft, silky and particularly compact. It is specifically designed to hold and release the right amount of product.

*EVAGARDEN Foundation Brush 24 the foundation brush, ideal for offering a smooth, even finish and a flawless look. This brush with fibers in innovative high-performance synthetic yarn, has an excellent yield with fluid foundations and cream blushes. Use to apply, smooth and blend foundation in all areas of the face.

*EVAGARDEN double fiber fluid foundation brush 27 is specially designed for a perfect application of cream / fluid foundation thanks to a single combination of double fiber in innovative high-performance synthetic yarn, which does not absorb the product, but releases it completely on the skin ensuring a precise and uniform application. For a highly performing application.

*EVAGARDEN Blusher Angular Brush 28 for easy use of powder blush. This brush has fibers in innovative high performance synthetic yarn, soft and compact. Its angled shape facilitates application.

*EVAGARDEN Powder brush 32 for applying earths and powders. This brush has fibers in innovative high-performance synthetic yarn, soft and silky, with a rounded and fluffy tip. It is specifically designed to give flawless application of powder formulas to face and body.

EVAGARDEN professional brushes are hand sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. The handle is black lacquered with the laser engraved logo, which guarantees its originality.

Brush case in synthetic material, light and resistant, it is useful for protecting, keeping in order and facilitating the transport of brushes.


EVAGARDEN constantly strives to update the ingredient lists published on the online shop. However the ingredients may be subject to variations. EVAGARDEN cannot guarantee that these lists are always updated in all parts. Please always consult the product packaging for the precise list of ingredients.

To ensure the durability and performance of the product, after each use, it is essential to close the package well, especially for the No-transfer and Waterproof products.